Michele Thrane
My Harmonics series is influenced by my son’s research. As a physicist, he studies gravitational waves. As a way to understand and relate to his research, I use equations and graphs from his published works. I print over the equations with encaustic monotypes. The papers with the monotypes and equations are then cut into fragments. These fragments are either stapled together or glued to panels to form my artwork. As I work, I try to visualize what a gravitational wave might look like. In this series, I have combined my private universe with the universe of the physicist.

In my Serengeti series, I use encaustic monotypes as well as photographs I took on a trip to the Serengeti. The monotypes and photographs are cut into fragments and either “stitched” together with staples or glued to panels.

My daughter-in-law is a giraffe researcher who has spent many months in Tanzania. While visiting her at her field station, I was transfixed by the color — the red sunsets, the browns and yellows of the Serengeti plain, the zebra’s black stripes, the pink flamingos, the bright blue skies.
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